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Updated March 25, 2005

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See the Mountaineering page for general information about Marshall's Quest for the Seven Summits.

See the Clothing page for ordering information for all Stray Dogs clothing, including Everest '04 hats and T-shirts.

See the Fundraising page for information about the Religious Teachers Filippini , including how you can make an on-line donation or where you can send a check in recognition of Marshall's completion of the Seven Summits. The Religious Teachers Filippini is an amazing organization that provides hope for the future, by providing an eduction, to some the poorest women and children around the world. We look forward to your continuing support in 2005!





Thanks - 2004 Fundraising Summary

Marsh heard WONDERFUL news from Sister Mary Beth at the Religious Teachers about the 2004 fundraising efforts (see Sister's message, copied below). We thank everyone who contributed to making the hostel, and other relief, possible for the children of Adigrat Ethiopia. Also see the message from Mother General on the Fundraising page of the Stray Dogs Web site for relief provided in Adigrat as well as Hamelmalo, Eritrea.

Happy New Year to you too...

I sent you a letter with the picture of Marshall on the cover of our should be getting them shortly...and in it I have the total from this year to be about $90,000...wonderful...higher than we have ever done!  Thank you does not seem enough to say...God knows...and he will bless you for all you are doing...

Because of your efforts we are able to open a hostel for the Child Headed Households...(the little ones who have lost their mothers and fathers from Aids)  12 will come at the end of January...and then keep adding children from there...we have about 600 of them in town...we house, clothe and feed them...but would rather have them directly on our property...with patience it will happen...

Be assured of our prayers for your safety...may you, Heather and all your loved ones enjoy a beautiful 2005!!

God bless you..Sr.MB

Please keep Marsh - and the entire team - in your thoughts and prayers. More than that, our sincere thanks for your support and Marsh's fundraising efforts for the Religious Teachers. It means the world to us...and a chance in life for the children.




Thanks...and Come Back!


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