Team Stray Dogs would not be able to compete in the most grueling adventure races in the world without our generous sponsors. Thanks to everyone for your help and support! Please see our home page for a list of some of our sponsors and links to their Web sites.

The members of Team Stray Dogs are mature, experienced athletes who understand the commitment and professional obligation to which sponsors are entitled. We will fulfill these commitments and make ourselves available for public and private appearances or any other events requested of us.

Team Stray Dogs, one of America's premier expedition distance adventure racing teams is currently seeking financial sponsorship for the events listed below for 2004 and beyond. If your company is interested in providing any level of sponsorship, including title sponsorship for major events, financial sponsorship for a select event of group of events, or product sponsorship , please contact Marshall, Mark, or Dianette.


Marshall Ulrich

515 Brook Drive

Idaho Springs , CO 80452

303-567-0727 (home)

970-380-3769 (cell)

Mark Macy

30947 Niakwa

Evergreen , CO 80439

303-674-8876 (home)

303-691-3737 (office)


Dianette Strange

6225 Gayton Place

Malibu , CA 90265


Team Stray Dogs is planning the following events for 2004 and beyond.

Stray Dogs Upcoming Events

Primal Quest 2004

•  To be held in the Pacific Northwest, US

•  Scheduled for Fall 2004

•  Estimated budget $12,000 (Entry fee $7,500)

Eco Challenge 2005

•  Date and location to be announced

•  Scheduled to be Marshall and Adrian 's 10th, and Mark's 9th, Eco Challenge

•  Estimated budget $22,000

Quest for the 7 Summits

•  Marshall has completed Denali , Aconcagua, and Kilimanjaro

•  Mount Elbrus , Russia , scheduled for June 2004

•  Schedule for other summits to be determined

•  Estimated budget $77,000

   - Elbrus $2,000, Vinson Massif $20,000, Kosciusko and/or Carstensz Pyramid $10,000, Everest $45,000

Badwater 146

•  Run from Badwater , California to the summit of Mount Whitney in July

•  Scheduled to be Marshall 's record 12th Badwater and 17th time across the valley

•  Estimated budget $2,000

Leadville Trail 100

•  To be held in Leadville , Colorado – average elevation over 10,000 feet

•  Scheduled to be Marshall 's 11th and Mark's 6th Leadville running race

•  Estimated budget $350 each


Our supplier of premier technically cool eyewear for Team Stray Dogs.



The maker of world’s greatest outdoor gear, has supplied Team Stray Dogs with all of their racing gear for the past 2 years allowing us to compete comfortably in the worlds most hostile environments


Northern Lites snowshoes; The worlds lightest snowshoes

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